Tuesday, April 16, 2019
7:00a - 7:00p

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic has become nearly uncontrollable in Cherokee County. The increasing number of drivers on the road – both residential and commercial – are creating longer commute times and dangerous conditions.

I will work to ensure we prioritize making our roads safe and able to handle the capacity they need to carry. As well, I will strongly oppose any efforts to bring mass transit to Cherokee County that would siphon our tax dollars out of our communities.


Cherokee County is changing rapidly. While that definitely brings benefits of amenities to our community, it also puts pressure on our parks, schools, and public safety that cannot keep up.

I will ensure that development adheres to the land use plan for Cherokee County. As well, I will focus my efforts to help bring good paying jobs to Cherokee County that help us to manage and plan for future growth. As well, I will work to create and preserve necessary green space and parks to keep development densities low.

Support our Schools and Public Safety

The Cherokee County Commission doesn’t manage our schools or our Sheriff’s Office, but they are linked in ways that require us to work together.

I will work to protect our property values that contribute to the success of our schools, and I will fight to ensure that our Sheriff’s Office have the resources they need to keep our homes and neighborhoods safe.

Keep Taxes Low

In our modern world, politicians are always complaining there isn’t enough money. However, when we see the lavish programs that seem to be created out of thin air, we can see spending is a significant problem in our government.

I will follow my fiscally conservative values, and I will do all I can to stop unnecessary tax increases. This means making our government more efficient, leaner, and focused on actually providing public services that provide genuine value to our County — not just connected insiders.